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  • Electric Skateboard

    With a range of up to 15km/h on a single charge, anywhere is just a short ride away. Zig zag through traffic, fly by public transit, and never wait for an Uber to arrive. With Boosted, you can forget endlessly circling the block for a parking spot, and that faraway lunch spot–getting there is a breeze. Do more, see more. Your city is waiting.

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    Electric Skateboard
  • Electric Scooter

    Revolutionize your commute with this powerful new electric scooter. jifi Scooter is the fastest AND most powerful, portable electric scooter on the market, complete with dual sit or stand modes.  jifi Scooter eclipses the competition in power, durability and affordability. Get where you're going, faster!

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    Electric Scooter
  • Electric Hoverboard

    Intelligent chip controlling, stable, flexible and energy-saving - Wear-resistant tyres with anti-slip texture, high road-holding ability even on the slippery ground - 2 low-voice but large power 350W motors, gradeability up to 30 degree, uneven land can not stop your journey - 4400mAh battery, max 20km mileage, no need to worry about powerless situation on the way to destination - Low battery warning and LED indicator - Bluetooth music function - Adopting hydrographic transfer printing technology, colorful print and stylish personality - Compact and supplying with a carrying bag

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    Electric Hoverboard
  • Electric Unicycle

    The Self Balancing Electric Unicycle (commonly abbreviated EUC) is a really interesting form of transportation. Instead of having 2 wheels like hoverboard, it only has a single wheel, which is usually between 14nches and 16 inches diameter.

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    Electric Unicycle
  • E-bike

    Electric bikes amplify your pedaling power and your ability to do and see more. There are a lot of reasons to ride an e-bike. Sometimes you’ll ride for fun, and sometimes you just have to get from A to B. Electric bicycles offer unique solutions to the challenges of commuting by bike. 

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  • Electric Drift Scooter

    The Electric Drift Scooter is the newest addition to electronic transportation. With a sturdy wheel and brushless hub motor, you can easily reach high speeds while not losing comfort or stability. As always, we do advise that proper safety equipment such as helmets and pads be used while operating.

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    Electric Drift Scooter
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