A12 sereies electric scooter have a new friend -- A12-4 from jif Jun. 13,2018

jifi A12 series models are one of the top popular electric scooter models.

We have 8 years in e-scooter and exporting to Europe, Oceania, South America and Korea etc.

Now let introduce jifi A12 series and new model A12-4 electric scooters, and what the difference among the other A12 series models.

1. A12-1:  LED decorative light + APP control

10inch pneumatic tire

2. A12-2:  LED decorative light + APP control

8.5inch solid tire

3. A12-3: Glow wheel

LED decorative light + APP control

10inch pneumatic tire

4. A12-4:  LED decorative light + APP control

11inch pneumatic tire

For this series e-scooter, to meet different demand of people, there is not only support knee control bar, but also handle bar.

If you are interested in this series, contact us now!!!

jifi, ride to be fun!

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