jifi Electric Scooter show in the Europe exhibition Sep. 14,2017

Jifi Electric Scooter show in the Europe

2017 jifi electric scooter show start in the Europe. As new city tools for riding, jifi catch visitor’s attention in the first sight


2017 Jifi new model scooter

With stand, jifi electric scooter convenient to place when not play it. For the new model scooter ( leg control ), the two wheels in same speed when ride, more easy to control. Keep player safe. Colorful out pattern and LED light, add the hoverboard more fashion factor. More popular to the Adult and Children.

8.5" colorful jifi Self-balancing Scooter

In this show, jifi also launch hoverboard with handlebar, which make the jifi-A12-2 more option for client. And the handlebar could adjust the height of bar. Suitable children in different height in your family.

Some of client chose to buy it for their lovely baby during the exhibition, and local wholesaler some super markets also find this product big market demand. Jifi Scooter so popular to client, also out of our imagine.

Jifi Electric Skateboard

Catch a small baby, the smallest fan of jifi electric skateboard ( dual motor, 800W )

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