Newest design 7 inch motor wheel Electric Scooter Jun. 13,2018

This model S8 is jifi top sales one model,jifi has constantly upgrade and improve various configurations according to customer's suggestion and feedback,now the newest design has comes out,it's very popular with our customers.

You can see the different from these picture,the design on the new model as below:

1.LED light. you can see the light on the new model is more closer to the ground,it's more safer when people ride it at night.

2.Horn. Loud speaker has been installed on the new model.

3.Good shock absorption and Stronger folding mechanism.  New style with patented folding system for the new one is more stronger,besides,we added front and back shock absorption for customers could have a better sense of riding.

4.Assist wheel.  people can drag it easily when it is folded.

5.Hook.  People can place something weight less than 3kg.

6.Protectiive cover on the plate.  Protective cover avoid the plate wear.

7. 7 inch motor wheel. More powerful and more adaptable to bumpy roads

These new designs are highly appreciated by jifi customers.


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