RIDE TO BE FUN--jifi hoverboard by Sinotron May. 13,2019

The model of jifi hoverboard:

Sinotron specialized in electric scooter, hoverboard for several years, also called “self-balancing scooters”.

We have our own workshop and test department.

The most classical model jifi-A3 and jifi-A8 are gained the design patent.

Feature of jifi hoverboard--jifi-A3:

1.Taotao controller system.


3.Aluminum+ new ABS material.

4.6.5 inch Non inflatable tires.

Specification of jifi hoverboard--jifi-A3:

Mileage: 10-25KM

Speed: 12KM/H

Max load: 120KG

Weight: 10KG

Why jifi hoverboard are safe?

1.Safe Speed Protection: Beyond the maximum speed pedal will be slightly raised to prevent further acceleration.

2.Low Power Security: Power less than 10%

Red light flashing

Issued a warning sound

3.Machine Tilt Protection: Machine tilt angle greated than 45°, stop induction.

jifi- hoverboard(self-balancing scooters) ride to be fun, they're far more fun to ride than a bycycle.

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