Electric kick scooter

Aug. 30,2017

Electric Kick Scooters
  • One of the lightest weight electric kick scooters I've ever tested, it's so light you can scoot around without any power and still have fun, the carbon deck and stem are also semi-flexible for comfort
  • Solid rubber tires are durable and flat-proof, the deck isn't especially wide or long but the rear fender acts as a friction brake as well as a place to hover your back foot
  • Awesomely bright and large integrated LED strip headlight, neat micro-display with clean primary readouts of speed, power level (1-3) and battery level, you get regenerative braking and throttle triggers
  • Super compact charger, removable grips (that could be easier to misplace but feel solid when twisted on), quality folding mechanism with safety pin, impressive price point

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