How to ride a hoverboard?

Jun. 22,2018

Electric scooters and hoverboards are becoming more and more popular and fast becoming alternative modes of transport.
And when you ride your electric scooter, here are some tips to how to ride it and ride safely.

Step 1: Place your facing wheels down on a flat surface (preferably the ground).

Step 2: Turn on the scooter. The on button is normally a silver push kind, located on the back near the charge port.

Step 3: Check it has full battery on the battery gauge. If it doesn't, then charge it using the cable provided.
Step 4: Position the scooter next to something you can hold on to. Holding on to the object step one foot on.There is often a light 'next to the battery gauge, if it turns green then it is safe to put your second foot on, if it is red then turn off the board and try again. If the problem persists contact the supplier.
Step 5: Carefully place your second foot on. If the scooter moves its fine, just re-position and start again. Keep going until you get it right.
Step 6: Now we come to the big question – “How do I make this thing go?” We hear you.
There are two very important things to cover first: brakes.
Once you have achieved your balance, carefully point your toes forwards to go forwards.
Step 7: Once you can go forwards without help, start practicing turning.
Step 8: To turn clockwise, put your right toes down only. You will turn. It is very important to keep your other foot horizontal, if you don't do this then it will counteract the turn and may unbalance you.To turn anti-clockwise, put your left toes down.
Step 9:Watch your speed. When you achieve top speed you will normally hear a beep. This tells you that you have maxed out the speed and should slow down.

Now you can start to do spins and go at decent speeds!

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