• Invitation of Electronics Exhibition
    Invitation of Electronics Exhibition

    Sep. 12,2017

    Sinotron Sports Technology Co.,Ltd sincerely invite you to: (electric scooter, electric skateboard, self balance hoverboard) 1. SPOGA FAIR (Germany Cologne International Exhibition Center) Date: 3rd-5th, Sep, 2017 Exhibition Number: A-088B 2. Thessaloniki International Fair(Thessaloniki Internationa...
  • jifi longboard
    jifi longboard

    Dec. 27,2017

  • 2017 August our newest product meeting the market.
    2017 August our newest product meeting the market.

    Apr. 20,2018

    1.KERS technology: (kinetic energy recover system) by regenerative braking, for this reason the range can be increased up to 60 %, leading to a stroke of even 50km, only with one 6.5AH battery;(Master is 8.5AH) 2.Magnetic braking: There is no friction when braking, as well as no damage to the airles...
  • Global Market for Electric Scooter
    Global Market for Electric Scooter

    Aug. 23,2017

    Owing to their environmental benefits, electric scooters are witnessing a higher demand as compared to conventional gasoline-powered scooters. Features such as zero emission and easy handling are luring consumers to toward them as well as driving their sales.  Moreover, manufacturers are now re...
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