Notice about the update of jifi Electric skateboard

Jun. 21,2018

Dear customers, the name of our electric skateboard,electric longboard ,electric fish board will change from now on. Here are the details:

S4-28A  →   S4-3

S4-39A  →   S4-9

S4-31A  →   S4-4 

S4-27B  →   S4-2

S4-38A  →   S4-8 

S4-18D  →   S4-1

S4-39D  →   S4-6

Please pay attention to our website, later we will introduce more new cars, we look forward to your approval, if you have any suggestions on our products do not hesitate to contact us, your suggestions are very important for us.


The name of our Electric skateboard changes, but our target will not change: jifi - make ride to be fun !!!

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